Dr. Mark Hyman On Simple Secret To Eating Right

I love, love, love, Dr. Mark Hyman! He is described as the rock star doctor.  I am unbelievable excited that he has recently come to the Cleveland to make Cleveland Clinic his home.  I hope to have a chance to hear him speak in person.  I love his message so much, because he keeps it very simple.  Good health practices need not be complicated.  Dr. Hyman understands that good health practice must start in the medical community.  The medical community has been lagging behind in that for some time.

My own personal experience with the medical community not supporting healthy practices surrounds my father’s hospital stay before he passed away.  He was hospitalized in a Cleveland Clinic affiliated hospital.  He was a diabetic.  His recovery included being on a liquid diet for several days.  He was not given any sugar free liquids.  My mother and I protested and pleaded with the hospital staff by requesting sugar free options for him.  They simply said that the food service would not make a sugar fee tray for him.  There were a few sugar free selections provided in the snack area, on the floor he was staying on. So I would substitute the sugar versions with sugar free.  The medical staff’s response was if my dad’s blood sugar got too high he would receive insulin.  My father was not insulin dependent. He took oral medication to control his blood sugar. So what actually happened is the hospital did not provide healthy food options for diabetics. Their answer was to simply medicate an issue that would not be a problem if proper dietary options were provided.

Not only do I think Dr. Hyman is a pioneer in medical field reform regarding holistic healthcare, but to have him come to Cleveland to share his vision is an answer to my prayers.

Peace, Health & Joy,



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