Latest Favorite Pick: Lemon Ginger Plus Probiotics Tea

gingerteaRecently, I had an upset stomach while I was out with a friend.  The original plan had been to get some salad ingredients at a local healthy supermarket.  I began to not feel very well.  My “go to” for all stomach upset is ginger. I set out wandering the isles,searching for crystalized ginger, while my friend headed to the olive bar. Much to my dismay, I ended up in the tea section after not being able to locate ginger. I thought maybe a ginger tea would do the trick.  I studied all the many brands then quickly grabbed a lemon ginger blend plus probiotic.  It was reasonable priced and I was getting desperate to find relief before my evening was ruined.  The brand was Bigelow ,which was a brand I was familiar with after seeing it carried in all supermarkets. I was not sure I ever saw a tea with a probiotic. Given I had recently finished a course of antibiotics and suspected my stomach upset was related to that, a probiotic seemed like a good decision too.

Upon arriving at my friend’s home, I brewed a cup of lemon ginger tea.  I have drunk many lemon teas. I have drunk many ginger teas. I have never drank anything like this tea!!! It is absolutely delicious. I am happy to report that my upset stomach quickly disappeared and I was able to enjoy the rest of the evening.

Aside from the tea being delicious, the cost was very reasonable. I highly recommend both ginger and lemon. Both have amazing health benefits.  It is my latest, most favorite pick of healthy living.

Peace, Health & Joy,


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