Ebola Reality: Hitting Close Too Home

ebolaJust this morning I addressed the importance of my focus on the Ebola crisis.  Little did I know a few hours later I would learn that the second Dallas healthcare worker infected had visited the state I live in this past weekend.  It is one thing to know that the virus has hit US soil. It is another knowing that one of the two people in the US to contract the deadly illness brought it only 100 miles from your home.  I know  a 100 miles seems far away, but let’s think about this.  Already over 100 people who flew on the flight from Cleveland to Dallas have been put on alert and told to contact the CDC. Those are the 100 people the CDC know for certain had contact with this woman. They have no idea who she was in contact with over her stay in Ohio. How many other people were in a public places with her in the last four days? That is a wild card question we will never know the answer to for sure.  In any given day, I come into contact with countless amounts of people just living a normal life and carrying on normal activities. One has to figure she was in contact with many more that will never be aware they were exposed to the illness.

With that all said, it is stated that the virus can not spread until symptoms are present.  All early indications are this woman was not showing signs of symptoms until she returned to Dallas. So this time, the spread of Ebola may have been escaped. I feel a bigger lesson it to be learned here. The CDC needs to ban those with high risk exposure to Ebola from travel.  As the events unfold in Dallas, it is clear that containing the illness has not completely worked. Statically speaking, the containment has been successful. I had read that one Ebola patients can be expected to spread the virus to seven people. Thus far, we have only seen two healthcare workers contract the deadly virus.  Frankly, statistics  are meaningless if you are the people who contracted the illness. With those at high risk having the freedom to unknowingly expose others we can expect those statistics to soar. My prayer is that we learn from this case.  Keep those that are at high risk from exposure to Ebola from traveling in order to curb the spread of Ebola.   Today it is Ohio, the rest of the nation is only one person and one airline flight away from standing where I do today.


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