Ebola: What Is Being Done?

ebola I have avoided discussing the topic of Ebola on my blog. I suppose the reason is simple. I have tried to keep the content light and uplifting for my readers. There is nothing uplifting about the Ebola outbreak. As the days go on, I find it increasingly more difficult to devote a site to health and wellness without addressing the current out break of Ebola. It seems naive to post information about preventing disease without addressing this international health concern. From a personal view, I am trying not to panic. I have researched the topic. My concussion and greatest fear is that we really do not have a grip on this illness, not in the US or aboard. I have included a link to the BBC website. I find this site very useful.


3 thoughts on “Ebola: What Is Being Done?

  1. Yes, I agree. There is a difference between being uplifting and light just for the sake of it versus maintaining your authenticity. Just like the seasons and our sentient gift of discerning duality, we are able to experience dark and light, hot and cold, sweet and sour. We can experience and share all of life’s dualities as they unfold without needing to suppress or ignore the bits we happen to judge as unpleasant. Your truth and authenticity is more powerful than any attempts at soothing the readership…Nice post!

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