You Must Be Who You Are Not To Know Who You Are

You Must Be Who You Are Not To Know Who You Are

I have come out of a fog recently. My soul had been caged. My spirit had been muted. My energy was reduced. I only have myself to blame.

I lost myself for awhile. I lost myself in love. The kind of unconditional love that makes you become who you are not in the name of love. What I have learned is I will never again lose who I am for another soul. You see in the end, being anything I was not did not keep the love alive. I gave unconditionally and I received conditional love. Those are two very different loves. Unfortunately, it has taken others to point out that my soul is beautiful as is. I wish I was whole enough to recognize that myself. What I do recognize is I am very strong willed. I can not suppress my soul for anyone.

It was in the darkest moments I felt my soul coming back. I felt the girl I am surfacing. She had gone to sleep for so long. Why did I allow her to sleep? I allowed her to sleep, because my soul mate said he could not accept her so she went away. She become who he needed. In the end, he decided he did not need her any longer.

I suppose that is a sad ending, however it is not the ending. The girl woke up! In waking up she is attracting the right souls to her. She attracting the souls that are allowing and assisting in healing. She is attracting souls that are giving guidance in next steps. She is calling to her, with her awakened energy, the help she needs to be herself again. Surrounding by acceptance and love she will return to her full self.

I am not a victim in life. I made my choices. I even think I knew in making such choices I was going to lose myself for a bit. It really is all ok. I learned how to love unconditionally. I learned what conditional love feels like. Now, I will never allow myself to be loved conditionally ever again. The truth is conditional love never has to do with the short coming of others. If one is loving conditionally it is in reaction to traits that one hates in oneself. Others simply reflect back what we dislike in oneself. In a place of unconditional love you accept your flaws and other without question and peace. Now is my time to seek unconditional love.

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